[oneself boil chaffy dish what should chaffy dish of the necessary _ that feed capable person prepare to feed capable person] –

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He boil chaffy dish to feed capable person necessarily is it is more, everybody can choose to like to eat according to his taste feed capable person, but we need to prepare chaffy dish footing, boil bottom of soup of good chaffy dish next, feed capable person next, we can choose meat dishes to also want collocation a few Lenten, feeding material to want tie-in good taste just is much better.

Oneself boil chaffy dish necessary feed capable person

All sorts of footing of boiler of sheep of small fertilizer of preparation of chaffy dish need, hotpot, beef coils, all sorts of a round mass of food, vegetable, dip in makings.

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1, the leading role that seafood and flesh are chaffy dish, but the chaffy dish that does not have vegetable isForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Not complete. Vegetable can solve be bored with not only, return the mouthfeel of can rich soup. You can add any vegetable in chaffy dish, those are long boil also can protect1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Hold mouthfeel feed capable person.

2, leaf kind vegetable. ThanA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Be like dish of spinach, lettuce, Hao these, come up against soup with respect to Yan know clearly, boil 3 minutes two good.

Oneself boil chaffy dish necessary feed capable person

3, dawdle. Be in at that time in super- can buy acupuncture needle stay of proceedings and dry Xianggu mushroom only. Compare in domestic dawdle sort neverthelessForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Much, stay of proceedings of straw mushroom, tea tree is waited a moment. Xianggu mushroom best half-and-half cuts this kind of a bit bigger stay of proceedings to lose chaffy dish again in, such stay of proceedings needs 3-4 minute ability is thoroughlied cook. Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings is very fast ripe, probably 30 seconds left and right sides is OK.

4, root tuber kind vegetable. For instance turnip, potato, lotus root, this kind of vegetable has method of two kinds of preparation, cut them small, by the boiling water that does chaffy dish, 2 cut the edge is boiled to eat by the side of chunk a bit. Suggest to be cut tomato patch chunk a few, what boil because of time is long, potato can melt away.

5, bean curd. Include silk of taro of old bean curd, fried bean curd, beans doing, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, demon to wait. Because bean curd is ripe originally, it is OK that you should heat a little while in chaffy dish a little only. Old bean curd cuts small, fabaceous doing cuts into shreds, bubble of dried bean milk cream in tight rolls is good pull paragraph OK.

Oneself boil chaffy dish necessary feed capable person

6, tomato. Tomato suits to be put in hemp hot chaffy dish most, the taste with its sour acid and piquancy mix, when making soup copy, also can put more a few, shang Ye will be very delicious.

7, the flesh kind. Beef, pork and hotpot are best beforehand slice (off-the-peg) can be bought in the supermarket, these flesh are general rinse can eat a few seconds. Hotpot also is a kind of indispensable flesh, like fat cattle, the hotpot that chaffy dish uses normally calls fat sheep (the fleshy) on ovine ham and shoulder.