” dead or unripe: Holiday of beach volleyball goddess ” welfare of New Year activity is great

The ding of New Year has been knocked noisy, now ” dead or unripe: Holiday of beach volleyball goddess ” continue to serve welfare for the player. Recently, glory spy library rub release ” dead or unripe: Holiday of beach volleyball goddess ” new activity, include brand-new free V-stones to get roll an egg. Twist an egg to will be brought for the player include Ayane, misaki, nyotengu, still have besides include Kasumi, marie Rose, kokoro wears kimono formative ” renascent roll an egg ” . Still one twists an egg to will bring Nagisa of game new role for the player, nevertheless the player needs to pay cost to buy solution to lock up. Explain according to the government, the rate of win a prize in a lottery of this lottery has 0.77% only, and roll an egg besides 10 when give freely draw-out outside, other it is to need to pay fee draw-out, the purse that so the player wants to consider his whether prop up live, nagisa of new after all goddess will be in free lineup is joined inside year this year. In activity of this second New Year, the player obtains organic meeting a kind the name is ” latex ” prop award, the goddess that uses this award to will let you people more be full of flexibility, for instance the place such as fart of bosom, fart can resemble jumping jump play like candy play. It is reported, these free welfare and smoke choose an activity to last from new year’s day two weeks, still have the manners of multiple a person of extraordinary powers such as bag of New Year blessing and VIP blessing bag.