” the outer world ” new information game chooses ending of will great influence mediumly

Recently, ” the outer world ” Charles Staples of presiding game stylist is accepted outside intermediary is interviewed. The issue selects mediumly in game in player of the refer in the interview. In this making, the ending of the player that selects play of will great influence. Charles Staples says: “We can pass a few slide to tell you in game ending place, this is to be based on you the result that such-and-such choice produces with behavior. What you do all sorts of different businesses that pass, will produce all sorts of tremendous effects to the ending of game. ” ” the outer world ” be by the RPG game of player dominant, your expands direction, role form that chooses to will decide game is built, the companion’s story and final final result. Game contains ” blemish ” function, can track player game to undertake, find out the place that the player is not good at, assure to the part that they want is shaped while the player can be being explored. ” the outer world ” will land PC/PS4/Xbox One platform 2019, PC edition will land Epic shop and Win10 shop at the same time, exclusive other figure platform is landed again after a year.