God of mouse of game of laser of Lei Bai V310 implement game office two tactics wants hard

Once a peripheral encircles elder to had said: A good game mouse is equivalent to doing reduce pressure to finger again when you handle official bussiness. A peripheral that accords with use habit is the god that improves work efficiency absolutely implement, so not Suo, bring to hold the high-end peripheral product that provides game function and office function concurrently for everybody today—–Mouse of game of laser of Lei Bai V310.

Lei Bai V310 is to answer demand is high-powered, tall stability, high the game player that essence of life is spent definitely and tall sex price compares and the series of mouse of professional class game of the design, 20 million A9800 laser engine, 8200DPI, ohmic dragon micro-gap switch, V-power3 is exclusive game chip, 2MB board carries lamp of 16 million kinds of memory, breath, intelligence to stand by an induction.

Depend on powerful hardware core and complete software drive, make can satisfy the real requirement that the user issues in different environment all-aroundly from the definition. It is a foundation with product kernel core, with only the exterior design of beautiful grace is rely on, VPRO uses feeling label. Accomplish classical public praise of series of thunder cypress V.

Soft hardware form a complete set is perfect and integrated one of characteristic that are mouse of V310 laser game together, present experience of all-around game office shock. Or so key-press + after ongoing side key presses 3 seconds at the same time, loosen, twinkle 1 times, express to enter office mode; Twinkle 2 times when shallow blue, express to enter MOBA game mode; Twinkle 3 times when shallow blue, express to enter Fps game mode.

Before every kinds of mode is started, drive has acquiescent mode parameter, the player can belong to the parameter that he wants through drive setting, v310 has 8 key but process designing, inside buy Flash memory, the configuration that you want free switch, the means that expects with you works.