Every months of player amounts to 4 ten million ” my world ” global sales volume exceeds 100 million

Hit oneself ” my world ” since be being issued from 2011, this work has been mixed in sales volume welcome degree achieved many records. The news that development business Mojang announces recently was to reflect the fashionable rate with this current game and abiding vitality more.

According to atelier newest the news that announce, at present global sales volume already broke through this game 100 million (exact amount is 106, 859, 714) . All sorts of detail content that next graphs are expatiation sales volume and platform more.

Atelier still shares an information, begin from 2016 average everyday ” my world ” sales volume amounts to 53 thousand, every month had about 400 thousand player to have this game. Additionally interesting is, still can see from inside chart even if is in Antarctica, game also work off 4, it seems severe cold also does not block the heart that the player wants to build brick.