Shi Yuan’s president: Gen8 ” demon Bao Kemeng ” it is difficult that development wants than anticipating

On current time place, book this year the Gen8 of put on sale of second half of the year ” demon Bao Kemeng ” lineal add is made should be most suffer the Switch that expect to molopolize, countless vermicelli made from bean starch special expect masterstroke is lineal ” demon Bao Kemeng ” there can be what kind of show on new leader. Consider in 3DS inferior hardware 阿爱上海同城

condition restricts the experience of next jobs, gameFreak should also can quick to the development of Switch game start, especially Switch is friendly to what drive hair staff degree taller also. It is however in the special interview with Japanese Dime, the Shi Yuanheng of TPC of Ba新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

o Kemeng company and president admit, the development that mak爱上海同城

es newly compares development group people of the imagination it is difficult to want. He is special point out, of game high-definition change and how efficient a variety of form that use Switch (palm machine or desktop still have all sorts of handle kind) , brought unique challenge to development group. But fairness will tell, last year just of put on sale ” Lets of demon Bao Kemeng ‘ Go Yi Bu / Pikaqiu ” got affirm in great quantities, this also gives development gro阿拉爱上海同城

up infuse confidence. Though have the difficult position that expec爱上海同城手机版

ts, whole development technological process still is full of ambit上海千花网

ion in technical level, situation should accomplish your person to find everything new and fresh. Shi Yuan still says, creating a new play to play a way is constant some thing, the key depends on wanting to rise innovation and inheritance union, and ” demon Bao Kemeng ” series had not compromised at 2 o’clock to this in 20 years, game general won’t let a person feel forever wearily. Still do not have at present other the exact message about Gen8, but basis before rhythm, laoren is in in November before the half an year of window of put on sale, namely this year spring, the pertinent information that behoove can give out to be made newly.