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From 2016 of the bottom ” Maliao Run ” begin, big plant of game of Japanese lead plane holds the post of heaven to swim in the hand the trial of platform had gone more than 2 years, although still did not achieve this company to be in at present platform of family expenses machine ” drive 3 ” (Ren Tiantang of Microsoft Suo Ni) same position, but from income scale for, also had considered transition so that begin swims successful. “Drive 3 ” positional hand swims difficult continuance: The report that Sensor Tower of 712 million dollar issued accumulative total income recently shows, up to now, the global income that assumes below heaven banner 4 hands to swim exceeded 712 million dollar (amount to RMB 4.82 billion yuan) , among them great majority income comes from what released 2017 ” blaze is heraldic: Hero (Fire Emblem Heroes) ” , data makes clear, this game exceeds 500 million dollar from the income of accumulative total whole world after the portion was released in Feburary 2017, occupy a heaven hand to swim the 70% above of gross income.
Nevertheless, as a result of ” blaze is heraldic ” the characteristic of IP, this game is in the Asian area beyond Japan welcome spend and do not have so tall, the hand swims edition income majority comes from Japan and American area, for instance Japan is occupied than 56% (280 million dollar) , the United States is occupied than 31% (155 million dollar) , area of global the others adds up also is to was this game to contribute the income of 13% only. If will ask according to slashing standard, ren Tiantang’s hand swims achievement is goodish. So saying reason depends on, besides ” blaze is heraldic: Hero ” besides, this company is other 3 game gross income all is not worth 100 million dollar, for instance devoted sale is mixed earn attention most ” Maliao Run (Super Mario Run) ” have income of 68 million dollar only, ” of the animal dark: Pocket camping ground (Animal Crossing Pocket Camp) ” income 70 million dollar, release by last year September ” the dragon of lose is made an appointment with (Dragalia Lost) ” accumulative total income is 74 million dollar. Of course, if with its the work look with two his relatively inferior income is compared, ” the dragon of lose is made an appointment with ” calculate so that assume office the 2nd big p上海千花社区

illar that heaven hand swims, business CyberAgent announces money to announce the correct time recently predict, this game (2019 money year) year income may reach 181 million dollar, although far under the 271 million dollar that predicts before this, the lunar running water that is equivalent to future is controlled probably in 10 million dollar wander, but concern consid爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ering what release time, this still is not to calculate too ugly result. Note: Japanese market appears on the market for the most part the money o爱上海同城手机版

f the company year was once upon a time a year came the 2nd year on April 1 on March 31, for instance 2019 money year actual time is to came on April 1, 2019 on March 31, 2020; Nevertheless, also a lot of companies use American money year make, for instance the CyberAgent in the article, american money year 上海夜网

was once upon a time a year will come the 2nd year on October 1 on September 30, for instance 2019 money year actual span is to came on October 1, 2018 on September 30, 2019. : of shoulder heavy responsibilities of income of billion beautiful the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor? Di ㄓ Jiao fights be surprised to criticize sb’s faults frankly first? of allow gun Piao is interesting is, from IP heft for, global consequence of Maliao wants outclass blaze heraldic, but those who make a person awkward is, ” Maliao Run ” it is Ren Tiantang however a of lowest of income of 4 hands You Li, compare only even ” blaze is heraldic: Hero ” very one of much dots. Regard the 4th Ren Tiantang as game, ” the dragon of lose is made an appointment with ” although sequel is lack of power, but its income performance still is commendable, as this company the first former hand that achieve IP swims, the time that can use 5 months realizes income of 74 million dollar, even if is put in global limits to look, also be small have result, and this game still is in only at present 5 countries are released. ” the dragon of lose makes an appointment with ” show of near future income is the most successful ” blaze is heraldic: Hero ” the product that is Ren Tiantang and DeNA combination research and development, even if is to be put in hands of all Ren Tiantang IP to swim in the center comparative, the AR hand that it also is next to Niantic to roll out swims ” Pokemon Go ” . For better get used to mobile game platform, should make the character that also is aimed at platform user on the上海千花网龙凤论坛

player undertake changing, it is for example in original work, the part will be permanent die, and swim in the hand in edition, although the part is in in the battle be killed in battle, also can be in after war end in recursive a group of people of same interest. And the taking of the part also is passed in unlike original work advance gut or can get along acquires a part, used the form of the machine that roll an egg however. From mode paying fee for, although Ren Tiantang released 4 hands to swim only, but the experience that gains actually and lesson are not little, for instance first ” Maliao Run ” although be free download, but the way that took 9.99 dollars solution to lock up whole game, so that the player gives out be like,difference is judged wet. ” of the animal dark: Pocket camping ground ” although also resemble ” blaze is heraldic: Hero ” adopted euqally free + inside buy pattern, but heat of its unreasonable price, IP and those who play a way is welcome degree owe duration slightly. So, and in front two this when mention ” unsuccessful product ” photograph comparing, ” the dragon of lose is made an appointment with ” had been a success. In light of whole, ren Tiantang tries to will still continue to what the hand swims, it is a president only the income of 1 billion beautiful the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor that cereal plain Jun Tailang places before this ” little cause ” can appear more shoulder heavy responsibilities. Recently, this company is returned ” Maliao cycle racing (Mario Kart Tour) ” release time remit to 2019 summer vacation time, but announced again at the same time ” outside bag game ” ” Doctor Maliao: The worl爱上海

d ” .