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Article introduction

It is to often living for the people in big city, climb a very good outdoors motion, it is the beautiful scenery that can see big hill, let meShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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People breathe fresh air freely, also can alleviate at the same time work at ordinary times and learnForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The pressure that go up, still can have exercising major effect, so climb what what needs to notice is there? What to climb mobile note has? We come to everybody introduction below:

Climb what mobile note has

Should not be climbed person

▲ respiratory system is chronic disease: Lobar anxiety, chronically tracheitis

▲ blood disease

▲ gout

▲ lupus erythematosus

▲ liver cirrhosis

If above patient is determined to want to climb, remember must climbing slow please, and need not importune enter the peak.

We should tell old people to climb not only here what should notice, however everybody is in climb want to notice. It is the body state that him understanding wants before climbing above all, especially cardiovascular function and articulatory function, still have the function of knee joint.

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As a result of function of old people joint degrade, he does not have what feeling possibly when taking level the land, but can bring about when climb overweightForum of Shanghai night net

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bear, accentuation degrades articulatorily, the symptom that does not have the joint that expression comes out at ordinary times a little even is shown when climb come. It is climbed time next.

We are not very advocate in Beijing in such big city, undertake climbing taking exercise when the morning is very early, because be in,empty at that time temperament is measured notA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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It is very good, perhaps breathing a function to a few old people is not very good person, this kind climbs itself does not have too big profit to him. Additional, climbing is the motion of a very heavy load, the function is in one individual heart to be able to bear at ordinary times a few activities, incidental in climbed process bear passes big case, and bring about heart blood-vessel the bolt of a few diseases. For this pair of old people, right perhaps for climbed person, not be the science that we say takes exercise. The gambrel that E sprain hurts needs to use when motion protect undertake protective, otherwise as a result of gambrelShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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flabby, what can cause a symptom is aggravating.

Above introduced for everybody a few climb when the activity, need a few item of the attention. Although climbed advantage is very much, but also not be to suit everybody, everybody must be decided according to his body circumstance, undertake climbing when it is better to also should choose weather situation at the same time, the road surface of pluvial snow weather is wetter slip, do not suggest everybody undertakes climbing activity.