[the steamed bread ache slightly of new evaporate can eat] _ flavour acerbity _ can eat –

Article introduction

The steamed bread is a kind of cooked wheaten food that a lot of friend friendly affection eat, but partial friend starts work in oneself inside made steamed bread savor sour taste, do not know to still can eat so. Have tart flavor to the steamed bread of new evaporate, see oneself can be accepted actually, because this acidity won’t have very big effect to health, of OK still and normal edible.

Can the steamed bread ache slightly of new evaporate eat

The steamed bread has bit of tart flavor is how to return a responsibility:

1. ferment child amount, quality

Ferment child referenced dosage is 0.25kg/50kg flour. Ferment child after be being deposited for a long time, its bacterium is planted active meeting drops, want to increase use amount appropriately so. Attention, ferment child dosage crosses congress to have old ferment taste. Accordingly, should use fresh ferment as far as possible child.

2. is hit alkaline

Ferment child make ferment agent because of its afore-mentioned reasons should be hit so alkaline, because seasonal, water is warm,make alkaline amount, ferment degree, ferment time and differ somewhat. Referenced dosage flour of 200g/50kg of winter of; of flour of 500g/50kg of summer of; of flour of year season 350g/50kg. Hit alkaline amount to do not have fixed standard, onlyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Can hit alkaline quantitative; to hit alkaline methodological ∶ certainly according to actual condition is to change alkaline way, will alkaline buck is changed to use; in the water that puts equal amount ahead of schedule 2 it is to put alkaline way, in the process of leaven dough, divide will alkaline face to be scattered in dough, both hands across uses palmar general dough to all round push, repeatedly knead till dough achieves requirement; use commonly in practice change alkaline law to useLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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. Its advantage is to hit alkaline even, won’t appear piebald phenomenon, labor intensity is more alkaline than putting also the way is small. The buck chroma that changes alkaline way with 40 Baume degrees advisable. But the alkalinity that there is an instrument to measure buck rarely in practice, undertake control according to experience. Desirable old range is put small piece one into buck, the surface since float sinks for; of as it happens for little; very fast float rises to pass for scale big, need adds water dilute. Also can take a small dough that has sent to sample with the tongue, it is normal that sweet smell is, take acidity to be alkaline little, hair pain is alkaline much. Or gather up dough a sip of using nose is heard, it is normal that fragrance having alcoholic drink is, acidity is alkaline little, alkaline flavour is alkaline much.

Can the steamed bread ache slightly of new evaporate eat

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3. ferments time

Ferment time is having very main effect to the control of steamed bread quality. But the effect that it suffers a lot of elements again is like ferment child amount, active, ferment doughy temperature, environmental temperature, hit alkaline scale to wait. Generally speaking time weak point can appear steamed bread volume is minor, mouthfeel hair is good, time of not quite loose; grows to be able to appear again too volume is too large, the organization is loose, drop broken bits easily, have apparent old ferment flavour and tart flavor. In fermenting time length makes a process in the steamed bread surely really so, be agile and very bouncy element.

Can the steamed bread ache slightly of new evaporate eat:

Can eat, what oneself do is leaven dough hair became big. Mouthfeel is bad just.

Next time reappearance face when can hear first below, strip off dough smell taste, if have tart flavor, the specification is alkaline put little if; has alkaline taste, the specification is alkaline put much if; smells only doughy fragrance, the specification is alkaline put appropriate. Also can taste below, put a wee bit below the dough hold tight that kneads good lye the gustation in the entrance, if have tart flavor the specification is alkaline put little if; has alkaline acerbity taste, the specification is alkaline put much if; feels to have sweet taste, it is alkaline put suitably.

Do a steamed bread to want what to notice:

1, the exterior easy cave in of the steamed bread: ① shapes from time to tome fault, eduction bleb notices when shaping, make dough inside and outside forms dough of ② of even whole; to wake hair rate is too rapid, can reduce dough to ferment vapour of temperature; ③ not flourishing, but flourishing is precipitant after evaporate; ④ is yeasty1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Interest is scant, can use quality of flour of ⑤ of; of leaven dough of An Qi yeast to differ, biceps is insufficient, flour of the muscle in can be being used.

2, steamed bread too expand bitter fleabaneFall in love with the sea

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Loose: ① wakes hair time is too long, can shorten wake muscle of flour of ② of hair time; is spent insufficient, can use biceps strong in yeasty dosage of ③ of muscle flour; is too big, can reduce yeasty use amount appropriately.

3, steamed bread surface is not white: ① flour quality is poor, it is good to can employ mass in strength flour and ② of; of spouse of An Qi yeast shape bad, dough appearance should maintain when shaping bright and clean, can control an aspect appropriately, scatter some of powder.

Can the steamed bread ache slightly of new evaporate eat

4, skin is lacklustre, corrugate or craze: ① wakes hair rate is too rapid, can reduce ferment vapour of temperature; ② is not worth, usable flourishing is precipitant steamed bread of evaporate; ③ shapes coarse, carry face semifinished product smooth, can press with the machine that control an aspect delay 3-4 content of gluten of second; ④ is low, flour of the muscle in can converting and spouse of An Qi yeast.

5, the steamed bread ageing that does, hair is good, drop broken bits: ① flour quality is poor, flour of the muscle in can converting, the moisture when with An Qi steamed bread of ② of yeasty spouse; shapes is insufficient, but agitate of ③ of the right amount; that use water is insufficient, but sufficient agitate, make gluten forms network; ④ to ferment insufficient, can choose ferment the An Qi with powerful force is yeasty.

6, inside the steamed bread very coarse: ① flour quality is poor, flour of the muscle in can converting, with An Qi dough of ② of yeasty spouse; ferments time passesFall in love with the sea

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Long, temperature is high, can shrink bingle ferment time, reduce ferment pink lets go when agitate of temperature; ③ too much, but little let go pink.

7, ferment very slow: ① yeast is measured little or vigor drops, can increase yeasty dosage appropriately, temperature of the dough when noticing yeasty low temperature saves; ② knead dough is inferior, wake hair temperature can use sugar of ③ of Wen Shui; when insufficient knead dough, oily, saline proportion is heavy, can reduce dosage of candy, oily, salt.

8, cuticular and bubbly: ① wakes hair humidity is too big, can reduce wake figuration of ② of hair humidity; from time to tome bleb, the water when bleb; ③ can driving out of evaporate as far as possible when figuration is operated is in flourishing of steamed bread surface is precipitant evaporate, avoid water to drip directly in the surface.

9, steamed bread volume is minor: ① gluten is insufficient, yeasty dosage of ② of; of flour of the muscle in can converting is insufficient, can increase dosage; ③ ferments time is insufficient, can lengthen ferment time.

10, cuticular and corrugate, contractive: ① flour biceps is too strong; ② ferments dough of excessive; ③ is not flabby.

11, the steamed bread was not sent, into unleavened dough, because knead dough water is warm,this is exorbitant, iron yeast dead, all we can use warm water knead dough.