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Steam base surrounding shrimp is a very delicate dish at ordinary times, taste not only delicious, nutrition also is very rich, everybody knows the protein content in shrimp flesh isLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Very tall, if often eating, healthy to the person dispute often has profit, base surrounding shrimp is to belong to seafood kind product, if take steamed word, diarrhoea is caused very easily if evaporate is not ripe, but if the time of evaporate is too longLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, shrimp flesh can age, that base end shrimp evaporate Where is how long?

 Base end shrimp evaporate how long

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, want to note the time of evaporate momentFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, general about 15 minutes or so, evaporate time is too long, shrimp flesh can age, evaporate time is too short, not ripe taste is bad also. Evaporate is ripe remove boiler to add a dot to dip in again makings is OK ate!

Steam base the nutrient value that surrounds shrimp

One, the volume that contain calcium is high. Base the nutrition that surround shrimp is rich, contain the calcic amount that contain zinc more, also be high grade protein origin.

2, contain a lot ofa variety of vitamins. It contained a lot ofvitamin, fatty acid to wait. Vitamin A, carotene and inorganic salt content are higher, and1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Adipose content not only low, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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And it is not saturated fatty acid more, have the effect of sclerosis of appearance of congee of artery of prevention and cure and coronary heart disease.

 Base end shrimp evaporate how long

3, protein content is rich. Base the flesh fiber that surrounds shrimp is thinner, the texture that organizes protein is soft, moisture content is more, the flesh is so qualitative delicate, digest easily absorb, suit patient, old people and children edible.

4, mineral element content is rich. Base rich magnesium is contained in surrounding shrimp, magnesium has important adjustment to heart activity action, can very good protection cardiovascular system, it can reduce content of the cholesterol in blood, prevent arteriosclerosis.

Steam base the effect that surrounds shrimp and action

1, disease of precautionary heart and vessels

Base rich magnesian microelement is contained in the shrimp that surround shrimp, first-rate to human body cardiovascular system, can reduce content of human body cholesterol, prevent to produce arteriosclerosis, return can outspread coronary artery at the same time, have precautionary hypertension and the effect that cardiac muscle straightens dead.

 Base end shrimp evaporate how long

2, filling kidney Zhuang Yang

Base surround shrimp to be able to fill grow of gas of essence of the kidney Zhuang Yang, solid that raise blood, beneficial is in relief, suit the male so not the person edible with Wei of Xu Yang of Yo patient, kidney, faint ability to walk.

3, connect breast to fight poison

Base surround shrimp to still a breast combats poisonous effect, suit puerpera edible so. At the same time it still has a sth resembling a net acetanilide, appetizing, expectorant change the effect such as Yu, detoxify, edible of the old people in also suiting so.