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Tea of spot of beautiful white dispel is the effect that will undertake reaching spot of beautiful white dispel through drinking tea, and certain hairdressing effect is contained among a lot of tea, to human body the skin can have the effect of spot of beautiful white dispel, and the recipe of tea of spot of beautiful white dispel also has a lot of kinds, can drink a few aloe appropriately to add the tea of honey, taste not only faint scent, also have the Gan Tian of honey among them, white to the United States inside raise right healthy have very big gain.

The recipe encyclopedia of tea of spot of beautiful white dispel

Recipe of tea of spot of beautiful white dispel

Tea of spot of beautiful white dispel

Aloe black tea

Material: Aloe 20cm is a paragraph long, black tea 10 grams, honey spoon

Practice: Aloe flay cuts Duan Fang small in 1000ml water fire is boiled slow, black tea boil in a covered pot over a slow fire is added 1 minute after water boil, lie between broken bits to join honey one spoon can.

Effect: This tea can enhance cellular vigor, adjust the physiology function of human body, improve skin burnish, it is the effective prescription of beautiful Bai Yangyan.

White chrysanthemum green tea

Material: Bai Ju 6 grams, green tea 10 grams1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, licorice 3 grams.

Practice: Will all material joins 1000ml to heat up boiled waterShanghai noble babyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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In stew 2 minutes, go broken bits is drinkable.

Effect: Chrysanthemum Qing Dynasty heats up bright eye, green tea has fight oxidisability goodly, licorice can recuperate bowelA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Stomach. This tea drink can help skin resist the external world is free base, defer skin ageing.

The recipe encyclopedia of tea of spot of beautiful white dispel

Honey lemon green tea

Material: Citric half, green tea 10 grams, honey one spoon.

Practice: Green tea immerses with 80 degrees of water, place 10 minutes or so, drop tea filter. Join lemon and honey, mix is even. Direct and drinkable or after putting freezer to refrigerate drinkable.

Effect: Fresh honey can rise moist with nutrition, make the skin rich and exquisite, smooth, stretch, green tea can fight bacterium diminish inflammation, promote digest, enhance body immunity power.

Mint tea

Material: Dry mint 15 grams, green tea a few of 3 grams, rock candy.


1, the water boil flameout that 2 kilogram put inside boiler.

2, put field mint leaf, green tea.

3, wait for cool hind filter goes out residual, divide evenly of agitate of rejoin rock candy can cite.

Effect: The intestines and stomach of internal heat carry on one’s shoulder that cool and refreshing mint can eliminate summer is depressed. If suffer from the summer to heat up a cold, this is a very pretty good recuperation drink.

Tea of rose flowers and plants

Material: Rose 15 grams, Pu’er tea 3 grams, honey is right amount.

The recipe encyclopedia of tea of spot of beautiful white dispel


1, in putting Pu’er tea in cup bowl first, infuse boiled water.

2, the first make tea falls to be not drunk. The 2nd bubble joins a rose, again infuse boiled water develops bubble, wait for coolFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Some add some of honey can.

Effect: Average person drink Pu’er tea, namely chrysanthemum adds Pu’er tea, however the rose adds Pu’er tea to cite to bubble together, its are balmy happy person more Sheng Jupu, and bosom of can scanty solution is frowsty, angry irritated mood, summer irascibility flourishing, easy huffish, might as well Pu’er tea of the much rose that drink a dot, the result is right.

Tea of glossy ganoderma mint

Material: Glossy ganoderma (section) 2 grams, mint 5 grams, Gu Ya a few of 5 grams, rock candy.


1, Gu Ya is fried sweet hind, put into boiler with glossy ganoderma, add 500 grams water and right amount rock candy, boil to boiling.

2, after putting field mint to boil 2 minutes again, flameout stew 5 minutes, wait for cool can drinkable.