[how does wet garlic dry]

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Garlic is the commonner dressing in the life, have the effect of antiseptic disinfection. In a lot of cate if lacked garlic will blank many. The garlic of firm maturity is wetter, although do not affect edible, but if buy more word, very go against deposit, after drying garlic, when depositing, will lengthen greatly. So, how does wet garlic dry? We see a method below.

How does wet garlic dry

Garlic should be put on air of shady and cool place. The oxygen in the garlic element in garlic and air can produce oxidation reaction, reaction result is garlic is become by original instinctive quality virescent.


1, cry again the head of garlic, bigA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a cityThe head of garlic, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad garlic, Hu, alone garlic, alone head garlic, it is garlic kind floral a general designation. Half an year gives birth to herb, lily division green is belonged to, be used as medicine with bulb. Spring, Xia Cai closes, plunge into, pensile and ventilated place, dry in the shade reserves.

2, farmer’s proverb says ” kind garlic does not go out 9 (lunar) , piece 9 long alone first ” , xie Kushi will be collected in June dig, eliminate silt, ventilated air or roast to cortical and dry. Garlic shows flat globose or short round taper, there is skin of qualitative scale of hoar or fallow film outside, shuck scale leaf, there ar[……]

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[be pregnant initial stage can eat barbecue]

Article introduction

Be pregnant initial stage is an important period, have a bit can cause miscarriage carelessly, so pregnant woman wants to be treated carefully. In barbecue, what some flesh bake is not ripe, eat go down to be digested not easily, also nobody any nutrition, do not have advantage to pregnant woman and darling. And many bacterium is contained in the flesh of barbecue, enter the body to cause darling deformation probably. If be not,eat also cannot want to notice to bake the flesh ripe eat again, banana eats more after eating barbecue. We come to specific understanding below one below:

Be pregnant can initial stage eat barbecue

What ① is pregnant is inchoate had better not eat barbecue, because much harmful material is contained in barbecue, a few hotpot and porky barbecue inn, discharge the barbecue inn of archives greatly especially, its flesh was not baked probably squashy. Such pregnant woman catch arched bug because of this possibly. Accurate mother can eat the meat of 10 maturity only, especially pork, beef and hotpot. When barbecue, layer of inside and outside should bake Cheng Zong color, when cannot taking evaporate of; of a pink to boil the flesh, internal temperature achieves 54 ℃ at least.

② is when barbecue, danger comes from the biggest bromatoxism to did not bake ripe flesh at be being mixed unripely, because among them parasitism has the possibility coliform organisms, salmonella and curve bacillus. When be pregnant, unlike of your function of body immunity system is common good[……]

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